Farm Critters

At Sweet Earth Farm our animal husbandry includes poultry, pigs and our pet donkey and goat.Our chicken flock is made up of a variety of breeds, which provides us with a colorful variety of eggs for sale.  We also raise meat chickens for use by the farm and turkeys for Thanksgiving.  A duck flock, that roams the farm during daylight hours, provides slug control and duck eggs for sale.

Our newest addition to the farm are Beeker and Peeg, a breeding pair of Kune Kune pigs from New Zealand.   The name Kune Kune means ‘fat and round’ in Maori, a rather apt description for this unusual looking pig.  The Kune Kune is smaller than other breeds of pig, rarely reaching much over 250 pounds.  They are known as the “Grazing Pig”, being extremely efficient on grass and not prone to root or roam.  Our Kune Kunes are exceptionally docile in temperament and a joy to have on the farm.

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